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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Shinanigans- 2011

What a weekend!! Jason and I were involved in our church's Easter prodoction which took place both Saturday night and Sunday morning. We had a practice on Friday night in the midst of a ginormous hail storm/downpour (which didn't bother me much) Severe storms don't freak me out unless I am somewhere in which I feel I am not fully secure or there aren't many people around. Being at a church never freaks me out considering the fact that it's such a large building and that there are plenty of distractions. =) Anyway... we had a big ol' potluck with lots of yummy food and then went in the Sanctuary for a time of prayer. It was so special, being good Friday and all. (not that it woulden't be special any other day, but just the significance of it). After filling our bellies to overflowing and having a wonderful time in prayer, we had a couple of run-throughs. Both went quite well considering the late date we started.

Saturday morning I got up bright and early to more rain and gloom. (the rain hasn't stopped yet from Friday) and headed to get my hair cut and colored. It was a much needed trip! The hair salon is a great way to start a busy Saturday! Around noon Jason and I headed to meet mom and dad at a local restaurant. They had come in town to see the play as well as go for dad's birthday gift- to see "Noah" at The Sight and Sound Theater in Branson. It's a live show that has live animals and panoramic views. Its' unlike any other christian production I've ever seen. (Jason and I saw a show done in the same style there at Christmas). Mom and dad went with Jason's parents. We were thrilled to have them hang out and get to know one another better. They all really seemed to enjoy the weekend. So.. we had our huge buffet of do it yourself asian food and sent them over the Jason's parents' to settle in. Jason and I had to be at church by 2:00.

The play that night went off quite well. God really anointed it and we heard several reports of how moving it was. I also really enjoyed getting to know different people involved in the cast-adults and kids alike. I made new friends of all ages! I plan on loading my pics. tonight, so they will be posted here tomorrow. =) Jason and I crashed early that night watching Finding Nemo of all things. =)

Sunday went just as well. After the play we mingled then headed home to wash off the makeup that dirtied my feet and made Jason a full beard. He had grown a goatee for the play and had some other patches of hair here and there on his face. The poor boy has too much indian blood in him and can't grow a beard to save his life. I love it! I will take a clean-shaven man any day!! Anyway.. that was the first thing he did.. shave his beard!! He and I came up with his nickname this morning: "Captain Slick-Jaw" ( At least we got a good laugh out of it! ) It's just one more reason we are perfect for one another. =)

Easter lunch at the Walns went well. This was the first time mom and dad celebrated a holiday with my new family. It made me happy to see them all mingling so well. We had an indoor Easter egg hunt (yep, day #3 of solid rain and thunderstorms). Some of the eggs even had silly things for everyone to do.. whether it be singing a silly song, doing a handstand, or breaking out the hula hoop.. it was silly, but fun and got us all laughing. =) I've got plenty of pics. of that too!!

That night, after mom and dad came over to our house with easter flowers and pictures from the show, we settled in to watch the rest of Nemo (that we totally fell asleep during) and to PIG OUT! Jason has decided to totally splurge this week after being super careful for his role as Jesus and being hung on a cross in a man-diaper. He totally deserves it!! We even did a rain-soaked run to the closest gas station for chips and coke! It was defiantely GREAT night. Hunkered down at home in our pjs, resting after a crazy weekend and pigging out.. ahhh... I can't complain. I have a pretty sweet life... =)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Melts my heart...

Last night Jason and I had practice for our church's Easter musical. When we walked into the sanctuary where everyone was gathering, we could barely get down the aisle because every single adorable little girl (and a few boys) came up and jumped into Jason's arms hugging him. Oh how it melts my heart! One of the many reasons I love my man. Anytime there is a little one around Jason gives them big cheesy grins and they love it! The kids at church.. he's like their big playmate. I love it!! After the triumphial scene in the play, there is a part where Jason is sitting on a stool (as Jesus) and the kids all come up to him (let the little children come unto me part) and hug him and play with him. Then a little girl, (who he's supposed to just have raised from the dead) sits on his lap and sings a sweet song "I love you Jesus." PRESCIOUS! This woman's heart melts EVERYTIME! I always make sure to stand somewhere I can see!! It's gotta be my fav. part of the musical! He's a natural.. he will definately be an AMAZING father someday. =)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ready.. set... aaaand... GO!! It's gonna be one of those weeks.. a busy/wonderful week. Jason and I are both in the Easter musical at church and we have practice just about every night this week. Yaaay!! I love this kind of stuff! =) It's busy and yes, tiring, but it's all for God's glory and it's a rare opportunity.. something not so everyday and something bigger to be a part of. Jason and I practically spent the whole weekend helping the music pastor and his family paint and build sets. It felt so good to help them out. They are newer to the church and are still building their base of volunteers they can count on. We enjoyed getting to know them better, helping ease their stressed minds, and even going out for dinner with them afterwards. They have sweet kids too.. kids that we would love to speak into. That was basically our Saturday.. practicing and helping for the Easter muscial. REWARDING if you ask me. =) I also was thrilled to have lunch with an old friend, Jessica, from Evangel. She brought her adorable (and very well-behaved) 1yr old boy Gabe. We just picked up right where we left off. It was so great to have a friend to connect with on all levels.. i'm very much still looking for that here. It will take time. I know this. I'm very content in this season of new.. a new husband (in whom i devote most of my time and energy) a new church, new friends, a new house to keep up with.. a new way of life. It's been wonderful. I also want to take a moment to praise the Lord for turning a stressful discussion between Jason and I into something positive and what grew us. There are definately a lot of learning/growing situations in a new marriage and it's exciting (and stressful at times) but it's all a part of life. It's what God knew would happen. Jason and I took a step back and gave thanks to God for walking us through that stressful convo. and turning something that Satan wanted to trip us up with, into good. GOD IS SO FAITHFUL. It's all about keeping God at the center. I know without a doubt that our stresses (every single one of them) are diffused and resolved with peace because we put our trust in God first. He is the bedrock of our marraige and for that I am so thankful. Thank you Lord!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Admitting a weakness..

I'm starting piano lessons tonight and i'm part excited part nervous. I definately don't want to make a fool of myself. I've had SOME experience but it's been FOREVER!! I definately feel that this desire to pick it back up comes from the Lord. I definately want to use this skill for his glory. I know he will give me the strength and the motivation to practice. That's my issue.. practice. Maybe my SUPER MOTIVATED husband will help me out and hold me accountible.. yeah.. that's it!! he can help! isn't that what marriage is about.. balancing one another out.. encouraging one another.. lifting the other up when they are feeling weak in an area. See, I know myself well enough to realize that practicing something has never been one of my strong suites. Lord, I pray that you will change my ways in the area.. i pray that you would help me to excel and to be motivated. I dedicate this skill to you and pray that you would help me to be excellent in all that I do.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Everyday living

Ok.. so my weekend: Part relaxing, part productive, and part busy= a great weekend!! =) Jason and I were so excited to have a Saturday where we could sleep in and be productive. The past several Saturdays we've had to make an early trip into town (yes, i'm a country girl now) for Easter musical practice. We got to enjoy a relaxing morning in which we pretty much stuck to our routine (but more laid back)- Coffee and lounge on the couch, morning prayer and devos with the hubby, and then( dun dun dun- {scary music} ) P90X, our amazing/intense workout program. This is an hour long of hard core weight and cardio training that we've been doing each morning for the past 3 months or so. We both wanted to fight the 1st year of marraige weight that we were already putting on and Jason found out that he would be crucified (playing Jesus in our Church's Easter musical) in April. This was the deciding factor: he would not stand for hanging on a cross in a man-diaper in front of his whole church with a muffin top.. so.. we made the P90 committment. Anyway... Saturday's workout was kem po. It's a fun way to get cardio in and feel like you are "bad to the bone" as Jason would call it. He likes to poke fun at me because he says my karate moves are "bad to the bone" and everyone needs to watch out when i'm kickin and punching.. haha!! Anyway.. Kem po is definately more fun than some of the other workouts. We both dread the yoga mornings- yep.. it's 1.5 hours of hardcore yoga! Yikes!! Super hard!! We have yet to get through the whole thing. And no, it's not cause we're wimpy or not strong enough (at least this is what we tell ourselves), it's simply that we don't want to get up at 4:30 am just so we can get this extra long session in!! Anyway.. After Kem Po we sat down to Jason's favorite breakfast (and becoming mine too) of Eggs and Cottage cheese. =) We had yard work to do and wanted to be good and built up. It was a beautiful, yet typically windy day, and we were both itching to get outside. I had just bought some flowers to brighten up the front of our cozy cottage and he had some mowing and cleaning to do. It was fun.. Jason and I, working in the yard. I did the weeding and cleaning of the flower beds. I must say.. I enjoyed it.. just being out in the sunshine. Although, I don't know if my age is starting to kick in (yep, I'll be 30 in July!!) or I pulled a muscle during Kem PO, but I have a nasty sore spot on the back of my upper leg... OUCH!! I feel it with every move. =( Anyway.. we got a lot done outside and around the house. I even made some bananna bread Yum! I felt bad though, bananna bread is one of Jason's favs. and he has cut out all carbs so he can be extra lean for his play. I know it was a huge tease. He did get to lick the bowl.. and we works so hard.. he deserves it!! The man has been eating salads just about every day!! That's dedication! I know it was a huge tease for him. He's stronger than I am! Anyway.. after our work day, we cleaned up and headed back to town for Justin's b-day party with the fam. Justin is our brother-in-law. One of the many things I do appreciate about Jason's family is that they always take time to celebrate birthdays as a family. I've never had that due to the fact that all my family lives in different states. We went to applebee's for dinner and then to Mimi's for cake and presents. It was a beautiful spring evening and we enjoyed sitting on the back porch afterward while our bellies digested. Ahh!! it was nice. =) Sunday was pretty normal for us lately.. we headed to Mimi's after church, raided her fridge for lunch (mimis are good for that) and napped in her guest room. We live too far to go all the way home when we have to be back at church by 3:00. Our Easter practice went well. After practice we headed home after a long day and went for a walk then a movie. I'm really loving life with Jason. We didn't do anything to extreme or out of the ordinary,but I just loved the weekend.. just living life with the love of my life. Ahhh!! Sweet sweet days. A sweet season. Thank you Lord! I am truely blessed!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Endeavor

Ok.. so i'm excited!! (i'm writing this in purple because it's just a purply kinda day) I just set it up with a lady in our church, Mary, to take some piano refresher courses. =) It's been on my heart for a while now to get brushed up on my skills. I haven't taken lessons since like 7th grade or so.. so it should be interesting! (this is where mom could insert "I told you that you would regret it if you quit") Well.. I totally do and i'm proud of myself for taking the first step to finally re-learning. I am hoping to be able to use this as another gift that I offer back to the Lord. So we'll see how this goes.. I truely believe there is a purpose to this desire. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My attempt

I've been given a challenge and it's time to take it seriously...my dear friend Jennifer came up with the challenge to memorize a scripture per month. You would think that would be easy.. one measly scripture.. well.. not for this girl!! I think I lack the discipline! Well.. no longer!! I'm going to start fresh and begin again with this verse for the month of April.. Wish me luck!! Colossians 2: 6-7 (I keep looking at the verse, but am attempting to memorize chunks as I write) And now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your Lord, you must continue to follow him. Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built into Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught and you will overflow with thankfulness.


Hello. I am so glad to be blogging again.. while some days I am feeling too lazy to write creatively, I know it's good for me. I am noticing that my my is more oiled.. i'm thinking more quickly and I am coming up with funnier things. I also attribute that to my husband.. my confidence it definately on top due to his sweet affirmations and treating me like a queen. Anyway.. I know that someday I will look back on these thoughts, some insightful, some random and smile.. "I remember that" or "Wow! how narrow-minded was I?!" Or "Thank you Lord for answering that prayer!" No matter what.. i will be in a different season and will enjoy looking back and remembering my life when I was a 29 year old newleywed with no kids. Just this morning, as I was doing my daily calculating of time cards here at Springfield Striping and Sealing. I noticed that many of the crew members (who are called in to work based on the weather) had like no hours last week (it was cold and rainy) and have random hours this week. Some of them didn't even get paid last week. What about their families? I am so very thanful to have grown up in a home where my parents expected me to go to college and make somethig of myself. I am thankful for a steady job that pays the bills and allows me freedom to have weekends off and go on the occasional trip. Praise God for providing Jason multiple jobs with his woodworking. We are in a building time.. we are focusing on saving, not spending.. and on paying off debts. We want to be stable, both in our finances and in our marital relationship.. established.. We want to build a firm foundation for our kids. I just praise the Lord for his provision and his faithfulness. He is so good!! It's so refreshing to be doing what we know the Lord has called us to do and having success and fulfillment. What a privelage to be a child of God!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Six Months and Counting..

I'm taking another moment to brag on my incredible hubby... We celebrated 6 months on Saturday. I can't believe how quickly those months have flown by! It's been such a natural transition from singleness to being married. I believe it's beacause Jason and I were both ready. God is pretty cool when it comes to the timing thing. So anyway.. I got off early from work on Friday (my boss is pretty cool). I texted Jason to let him know. Mr. cool played it off so well.. (little did I know he was at home cooking a gourmet dinner for the occasion). He suggested I go an pick out a gift for our brother-in-law, Justin. So.. I happily accepted the challenge (being the shopper girl I am). I ran to the other side of town that I don't see on a regular basis and hopped around to several discount stores. I also had the joy of picking out a pretty organizer for our little desk corner. I love me some organizing!! Anyway.. It really couldn't have worked out more perfectly.. I ended up getting home just in time for Jason to have completed his master plan.. there it was.. a table with beautiful pink and green springy bouquet, along with yummy halibut and green beans, an asian dish he had learned to cook on the Food network. Ahh.. I love this man!! He also had a sweet card that made me cry. (he always does that) I can't say too many good things about this man.. this man who's grown to be my best friend and my favorite person. I want to say i'm lucky, but I know Jason is a gift from the Lord. Which is due to many prayers (both mine and dear prayer warrior friends and family) and to the fact that I stuck to my picky self and WAITED on the right man and the right time. Thank you Lord for this man.. for this amazing gift you have given me. I pray that would bless us and keep us and allow us to continue to fall deeper and deeper in love.. just as you designed a marriage to be. Build US- a firm foundation that will make a stable, Godly home for our children and for our ministry. Lord, I pray that this Love, this passion, and this newness will continue on and never get dull. Show us ways to keep that alive. I know that you intended for marriage to be fulfilling, exciting, and treasured. Make is so Lord.