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Friday, April 27, 2012

friday fav~school's out!!!

My husband had his last class at CBC today. He took his final.. and he's done!! Today's Friday fav. is in his honor. I'm so proud of my hubby!

He's definately got the joy!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

advice to live by

Did you ever watch the show Full House growing up? I SO did. It was like my favorite. Remember TGIF- Friday nights.. that's what I was doing! Anyway.. Full House was my absolute fav. It was my first real TV Show crush. I taped the final episode.. VHS!! Oh yeah!

I loved every character.. I had a crush on John Stamos, I thought Bob Saget was goofy yet lovable.. I loved the twins Mary Kate and Ashley- So cute! And there was Candace Cameron as DJ.. always the sweet and supportive, responsible older sister.

Well.. Candace grew up to be a different type of role model. She is now a pretty popular christian speaker and I've subscribed to  her blog.

She's got some pretty great things to say and I wanted to share today's post with you. Something to think about for sure. This is definately a prayer of my heart.

It’s no good in a relationship when one person feels like they are always the bad one. Of course, bad and good when it comes to cars is not nearly as serious as bad and good when it comes to respecting one another’s feelings, or raising the kids, or simply being kind. But whatever the cause, lopsided relationships are very dangerous.

Relationships are like clothing. When they’ve been sitting around in one position for too long they get wrinkled, and it’s hard to get those wrinkles out. We grow used to the fact that I’m the one who wrecks the car, or he’s the insensitive one, or I’m the one who does all the giving, and we can’t even notice when patterns change.

Before we get married we tend to see our beloveds through rose-colored glasses. We may notice that they do annoying things, but we think of these as “cute quirks” that they will likely grow out of.

Once we’re married, those glasses often fall off and we start noticing all the things that are wrong with our husbands. And then those lenses take over. We tend to judge our men by the patterns that we’ve developed. We assume he’ll act a certain way, and so we start setting him up for failure.

One couple I know, who have been married for almost thirty years, embody this. Exuberant and social, they’re always the life of the party. But one of her favorite topics of conversation is all the ways that her husband disappointed her when the children were little. She’s always joking about it. And the more she talks, the further down in his seat he slouches. She’s developed the identity of being “the martyr”, and he’s developed the identity of “never doing anything right”.

That’s why I think the “good” ones in relationships have a choice to make. Do you want your identity tied up in being good, or do you want a good marriage? A relationship can’t withstand someone always being the bad one. If you want your marriage to improve, then at some point you’re going to have to let the bad one off the hook for all the dents they’ve caused to your bumper.

Most of us could benefit from a little of Anne of Green Gables’ attitude when she said, “Oh, Marilla, isn’t it wonderful that tomorrow is a day with no mistakes in yet?” Try to deal with the hurt and the anger once and for all and just be kind to one another. After all, a shattered windshield can be fixed. If we shatter someone’s self-worth, it’s a lot harder to pick up the pieces.

Monday, April 23, 2012

my weekend~ in pictures

took graduation pictures of my lovely friend and fellow children's minister~ Tabbie (and her brother Daniel)

had another photo shoot with a high school senior from our church~ Jacob

this is the same friend pictured above~ from pretty to uh... not so much~ Tabbie challenged the kids of Praise assembly to a participation contest~ the boys won =(

did a little photo shoot of my hubby~ his last days at CBC

sigh~ these are the days.. it was a great weekend. Busy.. but good busy. Oh! and did I mention we booked our big trip to Fla. for this fall?! That's right.. we're savin' our pennies to go visit Candice and Mike in Cape Coral. I can hardly wait!! It will also be over our Anniversary so it will make the trip extra special. =)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

watch out world- he's licensed!

It's official! Jaosn has his license to preach with the Assemblies of God. =) Last night he was honored along with the other candidiates in the last service of the Southern Missouri District Counsel. It was really special. They had a dinner for us and then they were lined up to walk the stage, just like a graduation. It was really nice. I got to walk with him across the stage. I got to be his escort. I had never been to a service for license/ordination. At the end of an anointed and inspired message, they honored those who are being ordained. Wow! What a special time. I ( Jason too) had some waterworks going. I had no idea, but a guy from our church who Jason has been getting to know was ordained. They called all the candidates up. They said a vow, were prayed over, blessed, and then prayed over some more. It was a sweet time. I thought the Southern Missouri district did a great job of making it more like a service than a ceremony. I was impressed.

I was also inspired. I've been thinking lately that I could do more for the Lord and for others. I'm ready and willing.. the desire is there. God, take my heart, my mind, my hands, my feet, my heart.. i'm ready to serve. Lead me and guide me to do what you have called me to do.

We had a few friends come to support us.. some were there for others being licensed/ordained. Our music pastor's wife, Michelle, brought Jason a plate of cookies as a gift. So sweet! We had Brams ice cream with them afterwards. They were telling us a story that the speaker from that night had told in a past sermon, but couldn't remember the ending. Well.. the speaker walked into Brams so Jason took the opportunity to ask him the ending and share a little of his testimony with him.  Jason has no fear. Not a shy bone in his body. I love that! We also ran into my old youth pastor, Brad McAtee and his wife Janae. That's what the Assemblies of God is all about.. it's a big family. When you are at an A/G even.. you just see people you know. Love that!

As i've mentioned before.. i'm soo stinkin proud of my man. He's come through SO MUCH  to get where he is. I can't wait until graduation!

Monday, April 16, 2012

i'm a proud wifey

I'm so proud of my husband, he's going to his first district counsel meeting for the A/G today. He was asking my advice on what to wear and going to get his haircut so he doesn't look shabby for his first meeting. I love that he cares about that. He's giving it his best. I'm so proud of him. He's never been to any sort of group thing for the A/G. He's going with the other pastors from our church and I love that he's fellowshipping with other men of God in ministry. I hope it goes well for him today. I"m sure it will. He also will be recognized this week as an official licensed minister for the Assemblies of God. There is a special service on Wednesday night. You know this girl will have her extra zoom lens to capture the moment. He's worked so hard and so diligently. He gets it done. I'm so proud! Have I mentioned that already? In a couple of weeks he will walk the stage with honors as a graduate from CBC. It's a big deal and I'm making a big deal of it! I've printed out announcements and i'm throwing him a big ol' shindig. I CAN'T WAIT!! I'm so proud of him! Did I mention that? =)

Friday, April 13, 2012

friday fav.~ a groom and his little

Jason and his little cousin James on our wedding day- so handsome!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

yep, i'm a dork

Guess what i'm seeing tonight?!

yep.. i'm super excited! When Titanic first came out, in 1997, I was  a Junior in high school and I saw it in the theater like 4 times three times. I couldn't get enough. And when it came out on VHS, I was on the waiting list. That's right, i'm a dork! Anyway.. Now.. i've waited like  a week since it came out and the waiting will be no longer. I'm going with some fun friends so it will be a super duper girls night. Complete with dinner at the mall. That's right, the mall is my mecca. It's important to keep the girly girl activities going when you're an  old married woman like myself ;)

So when I was searching for this image, I found this
how creepy/funny is that?! I wonder if this movie ever came out? I sure haven't heard of it! So now I can't leave you with an image of a dead guy (well, sorta) so here's your parting picture.  Cheers!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

how I spent my Easter Sunday

I prefer the personal photos over shots of the actual play. It's the whole expreience of doing a musical that is so much fun. =)(please excuse the blurry shots ;) It's an artsy thing, right?

So friends, here's the personal side of "The Power of His Love"

 the prep work

 the cuteness

 backstage shenannigans
 Friends! Old and new. =)

guess who Jason was! ~ a wonderfully anointed Easter musical.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter- past and present

Well.. another Easter has come and gone. We've spent the past three Easters pretty much the same way.. we've taken part in our church Easter musical. Jason has been Jesus the past two years and me.. we'll it seems i'm stuck as a crowd person and a singer.

Easter 2010- I got to sit in the crowd and watch because this was when Jesus was my boyfriend (my fake bearded fake haired boyfriend)

Easter 2011- our first production as a married couple- I got bunnied!

Jason played a different role this year.. he played a Roman Soldier- the head Roman soldier to be exact- Marcus. He did GREAT!

The highlight for me.. not the music.. not my part as a crowd person.. not dressing up in a biblical costume (suprised huh) The highlight for me was meeting new friends and just being a part of a musical. It's always been fun for me. I always love the fellowship and getting to know people I woulden't have otherwise. Goood times. I took some pics. I'll show you soon.

Another highlight- watching the babies on Easter Sunday morning. While we were waiting backstage for our next part, several of us girls stood in the window and stared at the prescious babies in the nursery. They were so sweet in their Easter bonnets and croched booties. LOVE. I could have stood there all day! It's amazing how babies can capture the attention of adults for hours. Especially us females. I'm so serious when I say that I was really excited to look on Facebook after the weekend and see all the prescious pics. of my friends and their kids and babies in their Easter attire- SO CUTE!

After church Sunday, Jason and I went to his parents for Easter dinner. His dad is quite the chef and always has something extremely yummy! We had roast done Oso Boku style. It's italian for YUMMO! It was smothered in a tomato mix and it was super moist. We also had steamed veggies, rolls, and red potatoes crusted in parmesan. SO GOOD! And the cheesecake.. oh the cheesecake!! Turtle cheesecake- GET IN MY BELLY! So good. After we filled our bellies to overflowing, Jason and I lazed on the couch just chatting with his parents. It was a lovely afternoon of laze. We didn't have church that night so we were in no hurry. It was great to have that. A nice break after our busyness! Jason and I went home.. took a nap at like 4:30 in the afternoon and snacked and watched movies the rest of the evening. Now that's a happy Easter!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday fav.~ easter

this picture was taken a year ago at our Easter musical. too cute~ Jesus and the lame boy.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

a weekend away ~ in pictures

aaaand done! Dad's b-day celebration  =)

big breakfast for the birthday boy- I wonder what Jason was saying...

work begins on the lamp post

these two share a passion for goofy posing

i've always loved my parents backyard

a game of frisbee always occurs when these two are together

picnic lunch at shelby farms- Jason's definately having a good time!

their album comes out May 1

final touches

had a bonus Sunday lunch guest~ Joy!
the birthday boy was blessed~ a great weekend!