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Thursday, August 25, 2011

a real moment

God, I pray that you would use this time in my life to strengthen me and to teach me contentment NO MATTER WHAT the circumstances. No matter who, what, when, where and how.. that from this day forward, you would free me from all insecurity, from self-doubt, and from lazy mindedness. I pray that you would open me up to new opportunities and to new friends. I pray that I would not try to blame others for how I feel. That I would start with me. That I wouldn’t allow people to dictate how I feel. That I would always remember that I am your child, your beautiful daughter, created for a purpose. I pray that I would live out that purpose daily with no fear. I pray that I would be open to grow and to learn and to experience things that I never have before. I pray Lord that you would renew my identity and that I would know just who and whose I am. I pray that I would be able to rise above my emotions and the attacks of the enemy. I pray that my perspective would be the right one. That I would see situations and see people as you do. I pray that you would help me to get up and get out and move forward. That I would not be content to sit and be lazy, that I would live on purpose. I would live to the fullest. That my mind and body would always be active. Lord, confirm your purpose for me. That I would see it clearly and LIVE IN it. I am sorry for my lack of faith at times. I am sorry for beating on your prescious creation. Lord, please forgive me. Help me to not be so self focused. I am yours Lord. Use me . Put people on my heart that I can minister to and show me how. Show me how I can minister and support Jason during this busy season of life. Lord, use me. Use me to reach others. Use me to be an enourager and support. Use me.. help me to be reliable and able to be depended upon. I can’t do it without you Lord. Help me to be open to new friendships. Help me to be approachable and real. I can’t do it without you. Use me. I am nothing without you Lord. I need your help. Empower me to be the woman you have called me to be.. to live out my purpose each day. I trust in your Lord. I never want to look back. Use me and help me to LIVE. I’M YOURS LORD. In you I find my confidence, in you I find my hope, in you I find my strength.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sweet memories: moments from our wedding day

Ok. I know I just recently posted pics from our wedding, but I just can't help myself. (I am a newley wed after all! ) I pray that memories of our wedding day will be just as special 30 years from now. I have a feeling I will. ;)

His first time to see me...

There were SO MANY good ones that I may have to do a part two to this one..

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I thank God for...

a loving husband who takes care of and provides for me
a car that runs well
a family who taught me to serve the Lord
a job
a sweet church family
my ability to sing
my college degree
clothes on my back
plenty of food to eat
motivation to get up in the morning
ministry opportunities
a little cottage in the country
the ability to go on a summer vacation
life- long friends
a new family who have opened their arms to me
a safe trip to Pennsylvania
a husband who serves the Lord first
amazing mentors

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

road trip- part one

After months of saving, Jason and I took on a 15 hour road trip as our first official vacation as a married couple. It was wonderful to get away! We wanted to make the best the long journey so we broke it up. We left on a Thursday and spent the night in Indianapolis. After taking an (oops!!)hour long detour we arrived in Indianapolis and crashed on my cousin Elizabeth's air mattress in the middle of her living room floor. Being on a budget is an adventure! On our way to Indy, brother Jonathan called to inform us he was also in Indy.. he took us out for Breakfas Friday morning. It was a happy little rendeauveaux. Friday we continued the drive and stopped at North Market in Columbus, OH.It was a foodie's paradise. We definately left with overstuffed bellies...

Breakfast in Indy with "bro bro" (as Jason would call him) The eggs benedict was AMAZING!

North Market- Columbus, OH. YUMMMMO!!

after indulging in the Greek stand, the polish stand, the Indian stand, and the Southern stand, we had ice cream (HE HAD GOAT CHEESE AND CHERRY MIXED WITH MILK CHOCOLATE AND i HAD PISTACHIO hONEY MIXED WITH sALTED CARAMEL) ! Yes! We were little piggies, but it was ALL WORTH IT!