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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

These Boots were made for Walkin'

Just a few random tidbits for the day.. I"m wearing my fab leather cowboyish boots today for the second time this season and they always make me feel extra sassy and confident.. I love them!!! It's so fun to spice up an outfit with a cute pair of boots. =) I had some younger friends come and visit me here in the office and they are just so prescious. I love that!! It feels so good to have someone think of coming to visit you. IT totally brightened my day! I am at work from 830 to 5 monday thru friday and am open to visitors anytime! I love the random pop-in's. I looove suprises period. Last Friday we all found out about the amazing suprise that our family pastor's wife did for him. He had no clue.. but she had planned this whole trip to NYC. He had always wanted to go so she worked an extra job and made all these amazingly detailed plans to get him there without him knowing until the day of and then planned this whole itenerary for them. I love it. As their friend was telling us the story in staff prayer.. I had tears in my eyes... it's totally what I would do for someone I love! I do it some with my parents.. but man.. I think there will be something special about doing it for my husband someday... I totally will! =)

In the meantime.. me and my boots will be just fine livin' the single life. God is faithful!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wait and See....

I just may have to float around on a cloud for a while because I am on a spiritual high like no other. =) The past two weekends have been incredible! Last weekend I worked discipleship walk with Raleigh Assembly. It was such a wonderful experience. I felt as If I was exactly who God made me to be and I was just so full of joy and the light of God. I had so many people tell me that I glow with the joy of the Lord. I shared a talk with the ladies and it was straight from my heart. I felt as if God had stirred up a new gift in me. I absolutely loved the whole process.. writing it and praying about it.. when it came time for me to give the talk I had no fear whatsoever. It was incredible. It came out so effortlessly. God was right there with me. I was just thrilled with how he had enabled me to deliver it with such power and poise. I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to share my heart. This is definitely the start of a new season for me. Things haven't necessarily changed dramatically as far as what is going on with me in the external.. but the internal has dramatically changed. God has given me a whole new outlook on life. He's given me a new joy that is abundant and deep. It doesn't depend on my external circumstances but what is on the inside.

This past weekend I went to hear Beth Moore at the Fed Ex forum. She always has such a fresh and challenging word! She talked about God and how he is.. not necessarily the physical description of him.. but his nature. It totally reminded me that God is all powerful and is in total control of my life. I shouldn't worry about anything but just seeking him. He has called me to seek his face with all of my heart. I don't need to focus on the external now.. it's the internal.. it's all about God. I don’t even desire what people have to offer right now.. I just want to be in God's presence and know him more. I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve!

And speaking about what is up God's sleeve.. at work today the ladies and I were doing this old trick where you drop a necklace or anything hanging in front of you 5 times and it will tell you how many kids you will have and what their sex will be. The three ladies that have already had kids were accurate. Two of us single girls did it as well.. the necklace trick says that I'll have two girls then a boy. ha! I wrote it in my journal and it will be interesting to look back someday and see if it's true. Dianne, who taught us the trick, says that it has been surprisingly accurate among her friends and family. ha! We'll just have to wait and see. For now.. someone needs to come up with a trick that will tell me who I will marry and when!! Let me know if you know a way to tell that one! =)

Monday, October 5, 2009

God is Faithful

I am blessed.. so so blessed. I just got back from a weekend that should have taken every ounce of energy out of me and I have energy and excitement. My discipleship walk weekend was INCREDIBLE!! I knew it would be too. Leading up to the weekend.. I had felt in my prayers that this would be a new season for me.. a season of joy and of peace and a season of God stirring things up and changing things for me.

The weekend brought out a few new gifts in me and stirred up my passion for ministry. I met and served with some very special women. God poured a special word into my heart that I was able to share with everyone. It was so anointed and went so so well. God showed me that I can speak and I can engage and it will minister. I was also affirmed over and over again over the weekend in many different areas. I felt worthy of the calling that God has placed on my life. I have not felt that in a very long time. The Lord did stir up something new and something that will last through the ups and downs of life. I can hardly wait to see what happens next. I know this all came about because of prayer. I had also made a committment to spending a specific amount of time with the Lord each night leading up to the walk. I could feel increased power from that and am so thankful that I made the sacrifice of my time. Praise God for his faithfulness!!

Another thing.. a relationship in my life that I have been praying to be reconciled has suddenly popped up out of the blue. All happened because of the Lord and because of his power.. not by my own hand. I have purposely taken myself out of that situation. There were several incidents over the weekend that helped me to realize that my heart is not desiring the wrong things. There willl be more about that later.. for now.. I will take that one day at a time and not anticipate anything happening at all. I'm done talking about it!

God is so faithful. I stood on the platform at Raleigh last night and shared with the congregation that about two years ago I stood on that same platform telling of what God did in my life as a disciple on the walk and how I was about to step into a period of lonliness and wandering in the wilderness. But now, I am standing on the same platform telling them that God has brought me out of the wilderness and is starting a new thing in m y life. Praise God!!! MOre to come... I believe with all of my heart that he's lining things up now for me and my period of waiting will be over shortly.