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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

baby girl!!

Well, we're having a girl!! I absolutely LOVE this picture of her. I have the need to look at it often. I think she's going to favor Jason... So clear~ Doesn't she just look so happy and at peace. I love her already. We're planning on naming her Annalise Grace.
Mom and dad came in town for the occasion. After the anatomy scan and gender reveal with the sonographer, we invited mom and dad into the ultrasound room. It was great to be able to share it with them. Jason had been dealing with a nasty cold and earache, but he toughed it out and was so excited to hear he would have his daddy's girl. That's the feeling he had all along~ a girl. I really didn't know what to expect. I was trying not to have any expectations. It definately felt  surreal for a while..I really did want to have a girl first. I couldn't help it..
Mom, dad and I went to lunch at Cheddars (a rare treat)  after my doctor's appointment. Jason went home to rest so he could enjoy the rest of the weekend with family. Mom and I were itching to buy cute baby girl clothes so after lunch we went to TJ Maxx and bought two adorable outfits for Annalise. It's such a freeing feeling to know what you've got baking in there. IT's like the floodgates are opened and you can starting planning and preparing on a whole new level. We spent most of the day shopping for clothes, bows, and things to decorate her nursery. It was so much fun. =)

On Saturday my BFF from Jr. High, Kerri, was in town visiting family and set aside the afternoon to spend time with and spoil me. After showing her our new place, we headed for 5 Guys (I was majorly craving) for some greasy burger and fry goodness. After satifying a very unhealthy craving we headed to Target and Babies R Us. Kerri gave me tons of great advice on what to register for. I wanted to wait for Jason so I took lots of pics. She also blessed baby Annalise with some cute clothes and an adorable jungle  floor mat for tummy time. Kerri and I met up with Brad and Jason at HuHot for dinner and had a wonderful conversation about God and parenthood. It was so so sweet to share this special time with dear friends. It was definately God's perfect timing having them here the weekend we found out what we're having. God knows just want I need doesn't he?

Saturday night we had a little gender reveal party for the rest of the family. It was a really wonderful time. I admit I was a little agitated at first because I had given out inviatations for 7:00 but most showed up at 6:30 which was the original time. Jason and I got back from our dinner with Kerri and Brad at about 6:50 so everyone beat us. Thankfully mom and dad were already there.

 We just had dessert, coffee, and drinks. The reveal came in the cake pops that mom had gotten from this amazing bakery in Memphis. Jason ended up getting the pink pop.. oops! Oh well. He never ceases to show his excitement. He is thrilled to be having a girl who will most definately be daddy's girl with Jason wrapped around her little finger.
I love the look on Jason's face while he's showing the ultrasound pics to his mom.
Jason's parents brought over the cradle that has been passed through the family since Pops made it for Brian, Jason's oldest brother, over 40 years ago. I love the sentiment of it. Every child in the family has used it.

This baby girl is already spoiled and so loved. One of my favorite things that has been going on lately:

Bedtime stories with the bump~ melts my heart. This is the first one he did- "Bambi"

~SIGH~ We are so blessed.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

life is good

This week~ it's an exciting one and I just want the week days to go by quickly! Mom and dad are coming in town this weekend. They will be seeing our new home for the first time and i'm really excited to welcome them. We also have our BIG doctor's appointment on Friday morning!! That's right~ we're gonna find out if baby Waln is a boy or girl. Oh my goodness the anticipation is killing me! Mom and dad are coming in town just for the occasion. On Saturday~ BONUS~ my best friend Mrs. Kerri Sagraves will be in town visiting family and we get to hang out that afternoon. Ahh!! I'm soo excited!!! God is just so good to me. I get to have my parents and my best friend since Jr. High to be here on such an important and exciting weekend for us. I already plan on doing some shopping since we will know the gender. It will be a weekend to remember for sure.

In other news... we found an adorable antique dresser which we will use as a changing table for baby.

Isn't is cute? A little shabby, yes, but I plan on painting it a cute accent color and changing the hardware. It's the perfect little changing table. Consider this the before picture. =)

This weeks marks week 19 for me. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by. I really have enjoyed it so much. Once I got past the sickness of the first trimester.. it's been such a wonderful experience and I'm soaking in every moment. Even the aches and pains here and there~ nothing to complain about.

Here's the bump from last week.

My sweet husband has been extra sweet and helpful. He's been helping clean up around the house so much..and cleanliness seems to have become more important to him than ever. wow! Thank you Lord for blessing me with this wonderful man.

 He makes me laugh~ and oh so happy!
He wrote me this note one Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago when I stayed home sick. In case you can't read it is says: "Good morning Love. I came in and poked you and said hi but you didn't budge! You need your rest. Relax and I will be back soon. Love you both!" Yeah, that "love you both" part~ made me melt~ there were definately tears. He's a wonderful husband and will be just as wonderful of a dad.

One more thing.. I have several friends who are also pregnant. One is due just a few days before me and the others come closely behind. What a blessing to have sweet fun friends to share this experience with. God is so good. I am so very blessed.

~Sigh~ Life is good.