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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ok.. so I've totally discovered the world of DIY Bloggers. All these amazingly ambitious women who are into decorating, but are on a budget blog about their adventures in homemaking. There are all kinds of amazing projects (sprucing up old furniture, painting an accent wall, recipies, and cute gift ideas) Hey! I love that kind of stuff! These sites totally motivate and inspire me to get off my lazy booty and do some crafty things around my cozy country cottage and be the best little homemaker in Rogersville. Mom works for a school and has the summers off so she was able to come for 5 days and help us do some painting (the whole house!). While some moments were somewhat stressful, the apple and sailboat wallpaper is covered up and our cozy country cottage no longer looks like a busy bachelor lived there! Here are some pics of the process...

All of these pics are from the kitchen. I wish I had more pics to share and totally meant to, but was so focused on the lovely task of painting that the camera was neglected. I would also like to share how thankful I am for a mother and husband who have the time, work ethic, and patience to paint. Wow! What would I do without them?! Probably hire someone! haha!! Sad but true! After pics. coming soon... I will admit that getting the pics on here may take a little longer than I would like due to the fact that Jason and I don't have internet at home. So bear with me. =) I am hoping the freshly painted walls will get me going on more fun DIY projects.. I could totally get into this.. i just need a good push!

Friday, July 15, 2011

sweet memories: our wedding

I was so excited today when I checked out Facebook and found that our wedding photographer had published some of our pics. This inspired me to start of series of posts, "sweet memories" So here you have it, Memories of October 2, 2010, one of the happiest days of my life...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Husband...

Great sense of humor
hard working
not afraid to show his sensitive side
loves his garden
sensitive to my needs
loves cottage cheese and katsup (with everything!)
loyal to his word
makes everything more fun
talks to perfect strangers like they are his friends
loves to invent new creations in the kitchen
has the most beautiful blue eyes
makes a to do list and sticks to it
makes my breakfast and juices every morning
is a morning person and accepts that i'm not
does everything 100%
loves with all of his heart
puts others before himself
taught himself to play the guitar
has been told he sings like a disney prince
loves dogs
taller than all his family members
doesn't let anything or anyone intimidate him
loves star track and SG-1 and doesn't mind being called a nerd for it ;)
loves to worship the Lord
has incredible focus
his favorite snack at the movies is hamburger and extra buttery popcorn
stands firm in what he believes

and so much more... I LOVE this man!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

happy 4th of July from table rock lake

we enjoyed two different fireworks displays- both were perfect nights- I was quite happy watching from the lake- a first- must repeat! =)

Waiting for the fireworks to begin- yep, we watched them floating in the water

can't help himeself- my man loves attention ;)

This moment cracked me up- we were attempting to exchanging floats from boat to boat- not sure if they know what they are doing..

We went tubing (our favorite) and our niece Hannah tore it up on the choppy water- impressive!

Our home for the weekend- the Waln family motorhome- a first for me. =)

my husband the fish- isn't he cute?!

Happy Memories!