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Monday, April 22, 2013

baby baby baby!!

Things have kicked into high gear around our house getting ready for baby Annalise. As of this past Friday, I am 30 weeks pregnant. I just can't believe how close her arrival is now. It's almost surreal. I'm so ready though. I'm not nervous at all.. should I be?

A few days before Easter a very special delivery arrived on our doorstep. Friends from Memphis blessed us with a crib

He had it up in no time

 There's something about having a crib in a room that makes it feel so complete and so ready for baby. Does a momma's soul good. =)

After Jason did an amazing job in our church's Easter play (as usual) we spent the afternoon with the Waln family at his parent's house.

Jason got an Easter bowl. (this may be his last) I have a feeling next year Easter activities and traditions will take on a whole new look. ;) It will be so fun!

The next weekend we headed on our last road trip for a while- to Memphis for a shower thrown by sweet friends from First Assembly, the church I grew up in.

Their generosity blew me away. I had several of my girls there~ besties for life~ and many many more ladies who I have grown up knowing and who mean so much to my family.

These are the ladies who worked so hard to go above and beyond for this amazing shower. So special.

Funny story from that day. We didn't realize this at first, but there was another baby girl shower being thrown down the street and some guests who were on their way to that shower accidently showed up at my shower. They saw the pink balloons and came right in. The funny part was that both groups of women had people in them that I knew from high school. It totally threw me off to see them because I hadn't kept up with them and was like "why are you here?" It was pretty funny. A great memory of that day for sure.

Before I went to Memphis, I discovered these cute burlap wreaths who happen to be made by a girl I know. Check out her Etsy Shop. SO CUTE! I'm hoping they will let me hang this on our hospital door and then of course when we get home.. this will go on our front door and then eventually in her nursery somewhere. The "it's a girl' can always be taken off and used for another purpose. I love that!

Jason and I have been trying to take advantage of spending as much "us time" as we can before our family has a third, very time consuming, member. Now that the weather is nicer, we love going to the park for walks. I wish we had time for a walk every day. Doesn't my hair look kinda red here? Humm... hormones maybe? Or maybe just the fact that I hadn't had it highlighted in forever and maybe that was more my natural color... Hard to know what my natural color really is ;)

Here's another date night we had just this past weekend...

We went to a movie theater where they have full restaurant with servers. You sit in a recliner and they bring whatever you want right to you. This includes all the traditional movie snacks. It was so cool. It was definately a prego's dream come true. Jason loved his slightly odd burger and popcorn combo. He's got an interesting palet. We had so much fun.

On Friday afternoon my co-workers threw me a shower at this amazing party space that is owned by our company. So chic. They catered a lovely lunch and gave us a bath duck full of goodies. The bonus: a former co-worker, Jessica, was able to come from boliver for the occasion. She is having a baby girl a week before me.

 Jessica has been a huge blessing of a friend to me during my pregnancy. We e-mail all the time comparing notes. She gives me tons of advice and we've even hit up a huge baby consignment sale together. I'm excited for our friendship to continue to grow and our girls to be friends as well. =)

Here's another peek at the nursery in progress. Jason and I spent Saturday morning hanging pictures and deco. in Annalise's room. I also had some time to do more organizing. I felt super productive. It was wonderful to have a good stretch of time to get all of this accomplished. This is the wall above her crib. I saw the idea for the framed "A" made of buttons on Pinterest and just had to make one. Mom took charge of the project and made it just in time for my Memphis baby shower. I plan on adding more colors in the form of tulle balls and probably some rosette balls as well in soft pinks. I can't wait for the finished product. I already love it!

 This was our Saturday night~ definately a fun memory! =) We watched our friends kids so they could go on a date night. It was so much fun making homemade personal pizzas with Alex, Bitsy and Tate. They had a blast getting all messy and making their own pizzas. Their parents have done everything to help us out from helping us paint our new house to filling in for us during our Sunday night kids class while we were in Memphis. They are true servants and it was wonderful to bless them by giving them a night out.
30 weeks!! This was taken yesterday. Reality is definately setting in. I had a great doctor's appointment today. He gave me a great report and told me to get ready... She's coming! He even said I could have her at 34/35 weeks if she's full term. Crazy huh?! Definately motivates me to get things organized and ready to go. I feel good about what we've done and the progress we've made. It's been so much fun. Who knows.. maybe the next time I get on here to post.. she'll be here. I don't need to wait that long.

Thanks for sharing my life. I don't want to miss a minute of this amazing season.