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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

baby lately

This was taken last week at 15 weeks.

We got to hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time yesterday. It was incredible. We recorded it on a special device that mom got from her sister Judy. We're going to give it back to mom of course, but I can't help but keep pressing play over and over again to  hear that beautiful sound.

Jason counted the beats per minute and it's like 160 some. We've read that under 140 is a boy, so Jason is extremely excited that this could mean we're having a girl. I'm trying not to convince myself either way. I want to be excited no matter what~ no expectations.

I am feeling little flutters of movement from baby Waln but I have to be very still most of the time and can't quite tell sometimes if it's baby or other body movements. I want to see and or hear that baby all the time.. to know it's ok. Dr. Kidder said everything was on track and healthy. He did, however, tell me I haven't gained as much weight as other women do. I've gained 3 pounds and most women have gained 10 by now. He told me to make sure i'm eating more Andy's. Ok! ;)

We made our next appointment with the Dr. for early February. I will have another ultrasound. This time.. we get to find out what we're having!! I can hardly wait! Not much longer now. Mom and dad are coming from Memphis so they can be there to find out what their first grandchild will be. I'm so happy they are able to come. It will be so special to have them here.

My mind is filled with all things baby.. I have been getting all kinds of ideas online for decorating the baby's room. What did women do before Pinterest?!
My flea market find from Saturday~ so cute

 I want to go like yesterday to register. I think i'll probably get Jason to do some stroller and carseat shopping with me this weekend. Ahh!! So fun! =) I want to make sure it's nothing but the best for this prescious baby.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The holly jolly holidays of 2012

 We had a lovely Christmas in Memphis this year. My holiday vacation plan at work rocks. We get the whole week of Christmas thru new years day off. It's wonderful. Our week in Memphis was super relaxing.. doing what we wanted when we wanted. A much needed break from the last couple of very busy months. Mom and I did a lot of shopping. That's definately my idea of a fabulous vacation. Jason stuck around the house mostly. He enjoyed reading some new books he had gotten about fatherhood and watched some movies and his favorite TV series that he got for Christmas~ "Firefly" The man needed a break~ he works so so hard.

Chrismas day was cozy. It was raining outside pretty much all day. The rain even turned into snow~ so rare in Memphis. We stuck with our normal traditions...Dad read from  Luke 2 and my little brother Jonathan lead us in a sing-along. He does a fun mix of traditional and secular Christmas songs. "Grandma got Run over by a Reindeer" is always a part of the mix~ just for dad.

 See the mashed potatoes piled high in their dish? I made those.. and yep, I was quite proud. I am still catching up on mastering my cooking skills.... It's a definate goal for this year. I want to be consistent and to make wonderful meals for my family lickety split. I"m getting there...
 Jason got me a great flash for my camera, but I had not hooked it up just yet.. I will have so much fun with my new toy and next year's tree picture will be much lighter. ;)

 Me and my love~ Next year this photo will have three!! Notice the mini bump ;)
 Each year there is a gift that I am secretly most excited about giving.. The flag case that Jason made for Grandpa Schaade's burial flag would definately be that gift this year. Dad was very proud to show it off.

Jason and I had a scavenger hunt for this special gift~ definately my favorite. ;)

Christmas night brought on a game of balderdash. It was so much fun~ lots of laughter. I'm thinking it will have to become a tradition.

 Mom and I got a little stir crazy
 Another perk of staying for a whole week was having the time to see some of my dear friends. I finally got to meet this cutie.
 We loved spending time with Ashley and her little family. We definately have to make this happen more often.

And this girl... she's my friend lobster. (pardon the "Friends" reference). We ate pizza and played cards.. it was a lurvely evening.

The next day we headed back to Springfield. On our way out of town we had lunch with my Jennay-

This is typical us. Her laugh makes everything brighter~ Love her.

We wanted to have a few days to continue unpacking and organizing in our new place. I got distracted taking pictures of a few of baby's first gifts. The glass bear came from my mom~ she purchased it an an antique store the day she found out she was going to be a granma~ it's official~ baby's very first gift. =)
We got a lot done around the house and it's feeling more and more like home now that we have pictures on the walls. (more to come on that subject). All I know is that I can hardly wait to get started on the baby's room. I've been bitten by the bug for sure.

New year's eve~ it was quite simple really. We chose to stay home (it was an icky night) and enjoy some quatlity time together. Having evenings where it's just the two of us will soon be a rarity. I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes, we snuggled up to some movies and baked cookies. It was quite delightful.

I do love this man.

Happy new year freinds! We have quite the adventure ahead. I intend to live each day with purpose. How about you?