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Thursday, December 20, 2012

it's official!~ time to share

We're having a baby!! Whew!! I've been holding that one in for about 6 weeks now. =) Baby Waln is due on June 28th and we are beyond excited.

I took the test in October.

What a happy morning that was.
We could hardly wait to tell our parents and had the perfect opportunity~ my mom's birthday.

It ws a beautiful fall day. The tag says "Happy Birthday Grandma! Love baby Waln~ (Due June 28, 2013)" This first time grandma was beyond thrilled. Her face is priceless.. don't ya think? We probably could have gotten away with just giving her that for her birthday and she would have been perfectly content. We told Jason's parents the next day at lunch. His mom got a onesie too. =)
I got through the sickness of the first trimester very quickly. It only lasted about a month and then around the middle of week 10 the nausea subsided. I am extremely thankful.
I am going to attempt to take growing bump pictures as often as possible. Week 11 brought the first outward sign~ a little bump.
 On week 12 at our second Dr.'s appointment we got our first ultrasound! The ultrasound wasn't originally planned, but the Dr. got us in for one because he was having trouble finding the heartbeat with the regular insturments. (yep, that was super nerve wracking) Turns out, our baby was moving around so much that it was very difficult to get a reading.

The ultrasound tech had no problem finding the baby. It was the heartbeat that ended up being difficult to measure, once again,  because the baby was moving around like crazy.. kicking and moving all around. The baby was definately showing off for us. I could even feel the flutter of  little  kicks and was able to see them as they were happening on the big screen. It was an incredible experience.
 Look at those long legs kicking up a storm. =) I am amazed at the detail we can already see at 12 weeks. I kept looking at the pictures off and on all day.  I am amazed at this little miracle God has given us. We are truely blessed.