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Monday, March 27, 2017


I am going to have to just start out by saying that i'm not a giant fan of living in Springfield, MO. I don't try and hide it.. it just is what it is. Something about the midwest... not a fan (I don't want to offend any wonderful midwesterners so I will spare the details)  I will say HOWEVER, that there are a lot of things about living in Springfield that I DO like and I want to share about those things today.

I have met some WONDERFUL friends while living here. Everyone is so down to earth. They don't expect you to act, dress or live a certain way. People accept you for who you are. Also, There seem to be a lot of amazing stay at home mom friends and I absolutely love that. I seriously have the best stay at home mom friends. I attribute a lot of that to  my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group. I've been attending this group since Annalise was 3 months old and I am SO GLAD I did. Raising kids isn't easy and MOPS is specifically designed as a support group of sorts for stay at home moms who need community and frequent breaks. I LOVE MOPS! I want all of my stay at home mom/part time working mom friends to join this wonderful organization. It's a lifesaver. 

Anyhoo.. This past Friday Annalise and I went to a local Amusement Park, Silver Dollar City, with one of those amazing mom friends and her daughters. We love these ladies and are so blessed to have them in our life. It's amazing to find mom friends that you can relate to on so so many levels and the sweet bonus that is that your daughters are little besties too. We had such a lovely day with our friends.


There aren't many better things than seeing pure delight on the face of your child. That's one of the many reasons I love taking her here. This was the first time she had gone on this ride. She was a little moody on this day, but we made it through. She was just being 3. A strong willed 3. Always keeping me on my toes!

 And then I love this one too. My sweet friend Anna and her baby Natalie. It was Natalie's first ride. Sweet baby. She loved watching the big girls on their rides too. She just laughed and bounced.. So precious!

By the end of the say I ended up with Pee and Coke on my new jeans, but It was all worth it. We even had to leave a little early because it started pouring. Thankfully we were in line for the shuttle when the rain really started coming. I love adventures and I love going on them with our sweet friends. It's my mission to make Annalise's childhood a meaningful, memorable and happy one. I think we are well on our way! My mom did the same for us and I am so grateful for that.. Speaking of my mom.. We've made fun Silver Dollar city memories with them too...

 The balloons are one of Annalise's favorites at this age. =)

 She loves the swings too.. just like I did as a child.

 this is RARE

 And this is common.. Jason loves the food at SDC. It's a big part of his experience. He and dad are chowing on the yummy homemade peanut brittle from the coolest candy shop.
 Couldn't resist the obligatory Pumpkin pic.

I love this place on a whole new level with a child involved. But.. equally as amazing when you are on your honeymoon and haven't been there since you were 8. =) 

 my new husband ladies and gentlemen!
Jason doing his thing.. eating... always has to have his beloved turkey leg.. And then there are the holidays... 

 This past Christmas Jason found a new fav. and shared it with a friend....

Christmas time is MAGICAL at SDC. It's my fav. LIghts everywhere! And the shows.. "It's a Wonderful Life" makes me cry. Annalise and her friends were giggling and squealing with delight at this little holiday parade. It was my favorite Christmas at SDC memory to date. MAGICAL I tell ya. 

This was us our first year of marriage. 

So.. with all that said.. This place really makes Springfield living pretty wonderful. Not many places are as fun for the whole family and wholesome. I was just telling Anna the other day that It's just a comforting place.. a happy memory. I will definately be sad to move away from here.. we just won't get to enjoy it as often. We usually get season passes (including guest passes). And finally.. for my most favorite SDC pic of all time, from our Honeymoon... 

This picture is actually on our fridge and has been there for years. haha! Jason just couldn't take it and I loved it. This ride actually still kicks our booties.. I think we have finally sworn it off. 

I have the feeling Annalise will be a little daredevil (unlike her mommy) and be riding coasters before the age of 13, which is when I started. At 3 she's already ridden some pretty big ones. We shall see.. 

Until next time friends. I hope you have something that you and your family can do together. Because a family that plays together.. stays together. Laughter is good for the soul. 


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