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Sunday, August 6, 2017

moving on out

WEll.. I wrote this quite a while back and never posted it. A lot has happened since then so I will try and catch up.... So many sweet things have happened since our move and I want to share it all... So, I will go ahead and share this first. Enjoy!

It's April 10 and it's moving week. I want to start this blog post now so I don't forget any of the moments because I believe this move marks a big change in our life. I believe our life will look very different from now on. It's also quite the adventure moving with a 3 year old so I wanted to make sure I remember all the moments.

It's always a challenge to pack with a little one running around so we've just learned to embrace it. I haven't packed much of her room but when I do, I have to be sneaky about it because if she sees something of hers in a box, she will take it out and want to play with it. It's also fun to witness the power of a box and 3 year old girl. They become her play places.. one day she made a whole little house (sad I didn't take any pics). This girl has such a creative mind and she takes full advantage of extra "structures" hanging around. She also loves the bare walls and makes our home her own. This may be my favorite. When will she be able to do this ever again?! I love it! 

testing her glow balloon (which has been decorated) in the dark

If this girl doesn't end up being some sort of decorator, or organizer.. something like that. I will be surprised. Oh! And for the past two nights she has gotten in her closet and picked her outfit for the next day (including accessories). Thankfully both were cute and I didn't have to make adjustments. She has such a strong opinion about so many things and I definately have passed on my clothes loving ways to her. It makes me happy. I really look forward to shopping with her some day when shes older. 

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